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Shri. K. C. Kuriakose, the founder of Cheerakuzhy Young Bud Rubber Nursery, migrated from Kottayam District to Palakkad District in 1971, when he was nearly 40 years old. He got settled in Karimpuzha Panchayat which lies on the banks of river Kundhipuzha (This river originates from Silent Valley, Attapaddi high-ranges And flows through the dreary land of Palakkad making it fertile).

According to him, the land he purchased was a promised land. There he began to cultivate food crops like tapioca, pineapple, vegetables etc. with the aim of earning a living.

Later he was influenced and attracted by the subsidy system of the Rubber Board and bought a few more acres of land. Thereafter, under the guidance and support of the officials of Rubber Board he stepped into the field of rubber cultivation and Rubber Nursery. Cheerakuzhy Rubber Nursery was started in the year 1979. Shri. .K.C. Kuriakose selected "Cheerakuzhy" as his trademark because of his loyalty to the locality where he arrived in search of prosperity and peace in 1971.

During 1980’s Brown Budding was in practice and brown budded stumps were distributed on a large scale from this nursery. Considering the high standard of quality in developing plants, the Rubber Board recognized his efforts by supplying budded stumps from the nursery to North Eastern states. During this period, he has started Green Budding and produced green budded rubber plants in small number. During 1990’s he has started mass production and distribution of brown budded poly bag plants.

The Origin Of Cheerakuzhy Young Bud Rubber Nursery

Cheerakuzhy Young Budding is a milestone in the history of rubber cultivation in Kerala. This painstaking effort of our pioneer , Shri. .K.C. Kuriakose, has come out with a new method in rubber budding. He was tired of many experiments in view to overcome the drawbacks of the age-old method of rubber budding. Only using his available tools at home and commonsense he developed a new successful method and later it came to be known as Cheerakuzhy Young Budding.

The innovation of this scientific technique has challenged and revolutionized the conventional method of brown budding and green budding. It adds a vibrant impact upon the rubber planters throughout Kerala and other rubber growing regions of India.


From 1993-94 onwards, Shri. K. C. Kuriakose has been bestowed upon with so many distinctions and honors from the bottom of the society to the National level. Being an ordinary peasant, living in the outskirts of Palakkad, he has reached the summit of glory with a National Award due to the invention of “Young Budding” in 1997. Some of the major awards and recognitions are worth mentioning .

In honour of Mr.K.C.Kuriakose’s contributions to the agricultural sector and with special reference to the development and improvement in the Young Budding technique, he was awarded the prestigious 'KARSHAKASREE' award in 1998, instituted by Malayala Manorama, one of the leading dailies in India.

In 2000 official recognition came from Rubber Board when the Publicity Deputy Director, Shri. P.N.Narayanan Nair visited the nursery and published a report on Young Budding in their magazine “Rubber”. Thereafter, Kottayam Rubber Research Institute Director, Dr. N. M. Mathew along with other scientists visited the nursery and after thorough observations bought 5000 young budded rubber plants and distributed them in different Rubber Board Regions in Kerala on an experimental basis. During 2001, rubber Production Commissioner, Dr. A. K. Krishnakumar came to the nursery and declared that this innovation is a great step forward in the development of the rubber industry.

Later in 2002, an official body comprising the Chairman of the Rubber Board, Shri S. M. Desalphine IAS along with the Research Institute Director, Dr. N. M. Mathew and the Vice Chancellor of the Kerala Agricultural University, Dr. K. V. Peter visited the nursery and recommended wide- spread use of this invention. The Rubber Board called upon Karshakasree K. C. Kuriakose for presenting a paper on Young Budding at the Rubber Planters’ Conference held at Kottayam in 2002 to celebrate the Centenary Celebration of Rubber Cultivation in India. This paper was later published in ‘Rubber Planters’ Conference, India 2002’, released by the Rubber Board

Award Winner from The President of India

In honor of Karshakasree K. C. Kuriakose’s achievements in the field of Young Budding technique, he has won the National Grassroots Technological Innovations And Traditional Knowledge Awards Instituted by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) under the Union Department of Science and Technology . The award was handed over by the Hon’ble President of India, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, on the occasion of the Third Award Function organized by the National Innovation Foundation to recognize the outstanding grassroots innovators and traditional knowledge holders held at Ahmedabad on 5th January 2005. It is indeed a great moment for us that the Pioneer of Cheerakuzhy Young Bud Rubber Nursery, Karshakasree K. C. Kuriakose was lifted to such a plane of sublime victory. Even today, at the age of 77, Shri. .K.C. Kuriakose continues his mission in his own way uncompromisingly and unceasingly.

Growth & Expansion

More than one decades of dedicated service; successful implementation of Young Budding technique; increasing support and participation from the people have made the Cheerakuzhy, a name synonymous with Rubber. Our pioneering efforts in promoting Young Budding have given a new life to the rubber growers throughout Kerala and other rubber growing regions. As this method become more effective than the traditional method; the farmers adopted this method quickly and became popular. When the mass cultivation of Young Budded Rubber Plants started; one of the greatest challenges faced by a nursery like Cheerakuzhy is in distribution. So we started a few Regional Rubber Nurseries at Keralaserry & Manarkkad in 1994,2002 respectively. We are going to open shortly a few sales outlets at Nilambur, Thamarsherri, Pattambi, Mukkom and so on

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed customers for their continued confidence in Cheerakuzhy. We do promise that we will go on in our endeavor of providing prosperity and peace of mind to all our customers. Overall, we wish all of you a bright, successful and prosperous future ahead.

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  • More than one decades of dedicated service; successful implementation of young budding technique; increasing support and participation from the people have made the Cheerakuzhy, a name synonymous with Rubber.
  • Selection of seeds
  • Adopting better methods for germination
  • Facilitating glass house & green house for initial growth
  • Selection of vigor & healthy plants for budding
  • Based on our experience, the most covetous achievement of Young Budded rubber plants is that they become ready for tapping in 5 years as compared to the seven or more of Brown Budded rubber plants.
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