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Current age gives great amount of importance to Home Gardening. Everyone yearns for a ‘home’ that too with full of greenery and floriculture. To make a home beautiful and to create healthy surroundings are the necessary essentials for enriching one’s life. The attractive and beautiful surroundings bring joy, happiness, and create an essence of serenity. Such a home then becomes miniature replica of heaven on earth

It is a great venture from the part of Cheerakuzhy Young Bud Rubber Nursery to enter into the field of Horticulture Nursery. We have arranged a sale centre with a vast array of various plants at Mannarkad office opposite to Kalladi High School. The aim of this centre is to cater the requirements our customers who wish to beautify their surrounding with colours and fragrance of the flowers and plants. We will be in great pleasure to offer our best service in the areas of landscaping and gardening and we can assist in all other aspects of exteriour as well as indoor gardening. In short, our motto is to make your haven a beautiful heaven by all means.

Cheerakuzhy Garden Nursery provides the public with resources related to home gardening, nurseries, horticulture, composting, and landscaping. A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. Nurseries grow annuals, perennials, and woody plants. These have a variety of uses: decorative plants for flower gardening and landscaping, garden vegetable plants and agricultural plants.

Nurseries often grow plants in a greenhouse, a building of glass or poly houses, designed to protect young plants from pests, diseases, wind and humidity. Popular flowers uses in the modern floriculture that are in demand are roses, anthurium, orchids, carnations etc grown in poly houses.

From 2001 onwards, all kinds of flowering plants, ornamental plants, fruit trees, palms, creepers etc. are distributed from here. We feel proud to inform you that we have put up a Rubber Nursery adjoining to it with an elaborate collection of various clones to select according to the taste of our customers. Our office also functions as an information centre to guide and solve all your gardening problems and enable you to modify your gardening skills.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants form an important component of the garden in the compound of a house.

The beauty of a house exists mainly in flowering plants. Apart from its aesthetic importance, the flowering plants are of high economic benefits and religious significance. Plants for this purpose are rose, lilly, dahlia, hibiscus, marigold etc. According to the latest trends of fashion and taste here we arrange all kinds of flowering plants. All types of roses and other varieties of flowering plants are available from our ready stocks as per your requirement.

Ornamental Plants

Amona plants, the ornamental plants enjoy the greatest importance world over. In fact the ornamental plants because of their colour, the charm of their foliage and the twisted shape of their branches almost hypnotized man. If planting of ornamental plants in the compound of private house is properly planned, their cumulative effect will be striking, and thus one can create an aesthetic environment for their families.

So we have made available various kinds of ornamental plants such as shrubs, evergreen hedges, bulbous plants, palms etc. in our nursery garden

Creepers and Climbers

Creepers : These plants can be grown along the top of the compound wall or as a cover for walls, or at the entrance as an arch. There are varieties of creepers available like, Bignonia venusta, allamanda, passiflora (fashion flower), Jacquemontia. Even Bougainvilleas can be a good creeper.

Climbers : These are the plants with soft stems that grow only with a support. They rely on something else for support; another plant, a wall or trellis. Different types of climbers have devised many crafty ways to hold on to whatever they grasp. Examples are Clerodendrum thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart), Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy), Jasminum multipartitum (Starry Wild Jasmine), Clematis montana (Clematis) etc. Creepers and climbers can be planted in a mixture of garden earth and manure 2:1, filled to 1 inch depth.


A bulb is a specific stem structure which is planted beneath the soil and stays underground. Roots grow down from it, and stem and leaves grow up from it. Most bulb plants have a dormant (resting) period during which there is no growth visible. Bulb plants grow, flower, then the leaves remain for sometime and disappear completely until next year. They are easy to grow and guaranteed to bloom. Examples are Daffodils, Tulips, Bluebells etc. Bulb plants can be Real bulbs: Formulated in layers, with an outer scale (onion, tulip, lily). Corms: Appears like a bulb on the exterior, different structure inside (crocus, gladiolus). Tubers and Tuberous Roots: Bulb stems or roots with food stores which looks like a potato (Potato, Dahlia, Tuberous begonia).

There are Summer-Flowering Bulbs (Tuberous begonia, calla, Canna lily, Dahlia, gladiolus and lily) which are dormant in winter and Spring-Flowering Bulbs (Crocus, snowdrop, hyacinth, Daffodil, Tulip, Iris, allium etc) which when planted in fall remain dormant in the summer.


A plant family with an extraordinary diversity of species. Perennial plants which are members of the largest family of plants - Orchidaceae are known as Orchids. It is estimated that there are about 25,000 species of orchids in the wild. Relatively young age of the genus can be the reason for this astonishingly high number of species.

Loss of habitat has led to considerable decline of orchid population in the wild but fortunatly among plants Orchids in particular have become highly sought after flowers, gardeners and lay admirers cultivate them in greenhouses and households in cooler regions. And that remains the only possible way to sustain these fabulous plants.


Anthurium, belonging to the family of Araceae and a native of Colombian forest, has come off with flying colors in the world of cut flower culture. In India, Kerala with its humid tropical climate has a promising future indeed in this field.


A perennial plant or perennial is a plant that lives for more that 2 years. Perennials That flower and fruit only once and then die are termed monocarpic or semelparous .However, most perennials are polycarpic, flowering over many seasons in their life time

Fruit Trees

Fruit bearing trees play an important role in human nutrition. During recent years, the food value of fruits is increasing day by day.

Fruits are so common in human diet that a meal without a fruit is supposed to be incomplete in any family. Today, people in every walk of life are consuming more fresh fruits than ever before. It is clear, and no doubt, that fruits are easily available in the market. But availability of fruits of home, at any time, can be made also by home gardening on unused land around or near the bunglow compound.

Landscaping & Terrace Gardening

In gardening, a terrace is an element where a raised flat paved or gravelled section overlooks a prospect. A raised terrace keeps a house dry and provides a transition between the hard materials of the architecture and softer ones of the garden. The terrace may be either at ground level, below ground level, or raised above it. The simplest type is ground level, which requires only the grading we have indicated. There is a wide choice of flooring materials to use. One may use cement, poured and levelled with a large board, but in maintaining the drainage grade or including shallow drainage paths, smooth turf may be used, in which case the preparation will be the same as for other lawn areas and various other types of bases. The use of flagstones is made simple by applying a load of sand or gravel to the subsoil and digging the flagstones into the sand or gravel. The niches between the stones can be dug out and filled with top-soil and grass or other cover planted between them. This gives a very pleasing effect.

Our professional and experienced staff have worked with numerous clients and have thus gained the experience and skill in creating a landscaping setting that complements any style of home, for every type of taste. Our range of design and construction is numerous and extensive.. So why not give us a call today on +91 9747500600 or feel free to send through an online enquiry

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