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  Our Infrastructure

  1. Well maintained Bud wood Nursery
  2. Advanced irrigation systems including sprinklers, mist & drip irrigation etc.
  3. Rain fed tanks & wells
  4. Glass house & green house facility for better growth
  5. Specialized, skilled, hardworking & sincere laborers
  6. Advanced farm equipments like power sprayers, weed cutters, power tillers etc.
  7. Echo friendly waste management system
  8. Bio dynamic agriculture methods
  9. Advanced Transportation Facility
  10. Double-decker vehicles including wind resisting facilities to minimize transportation damage.
  11. Well equipped administration with advanced technologies

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  • It is a great venture from the part of Cheerakuzhy Young Bud Rubber Nursery to enter into the field of Horticulture Nursery. We will be in great pleasure to offer our best service in the areas of landscaping and gardening and we can assist in all other aspects of exteriour as well as indoor gardening.
  • In short, the innovation of this scientific technique has challenged and revolutionized the conventional method of Brown Budding and Green Budding. It adds a vibrant impact upon the rubber planters throughout Kerala and other rubber growing regions of India.
  • Cheerakuzhy prides itself on providing exciting new schemes and services into the field of rubber plantation. Contract Planting is our main focus. We charge on a per plant basis specific to each job.
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